Linkedin Promotions

 Linkedin Promotions

LinkedIn Advertising
LinkedIn is the professional network with over 400+ million users.  alone has 2.6+ million professionals on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads is a great way for members and businesses to deliver compelling and relevant opportunities to LinkedIn members. You can show your ads to professionals based on: Location, Company Name, Company Size, Company Industry, Job Title, Job Function, Seniority, (CEO etc),Degree, Skills and more..

LinkedIn Promotions

 Acquire New Customers for your business

Precision B2B targeting

  • By job title and function
  • By industry and company size
  • By seniority


How you pay

  • Pay by clicks or impressions
  • Stop your ads at any time
  • No long-term contracts
  • No commitments


3 Types of Promotions on LinkedIn

1. Sponsored Updates

Boost your company’s content across all devices

  • Attract new followers to your Company or Showcase Page
  • Reach just the right audience with our comprehensive targeting options
  • Get your message out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile

2. Text Ads

Start generating leads in minutes

  • Add a compelling headline, description and even a 50×50 image
  • Choose your target audience with precision B2B filters
  • Set your own budget and measure performance in Campaign Manager



3. Sponsored InMail

1. Boost registrations with personalized invites to business events. 2. Drive conversions with targeted product and service. 3 Promote content downloads of infographics, white papers& more


4. LinkedIn Lead Ads

This is similar to Facebook lead ads, where user can see your sponsored content in their news feed, and just click submit is the action. No need for website visits, filling out forms.

Linkedin Lead Ads

If you want to reach out to used on their professions and the type of company. LinkedIn can help you get qualified traffic. 

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