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Online Franchise for Blouse Boutique:-

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.   We think this is so true in so many ways. Fashion allows us to make a statement, or express ourselves in such a fun way! Furthermore, fashion has the power to make women feel amazing. Our greatest inspiration as a franchiser is watching our customers feel empowered and beautiful in an outfit they LOVE! I truly believe my calling is to help make women feel confident and amazing. Clothing and fashion is what we use to bring out these wonderful emotions.

Women may be the minority in the franchising world, but whether they are breaking into existing industries or franchising their own companies, many of them are paving the way for others to do the same.

“Women are amazing executors and we’re also amazing collaborators. If done correctly, franchising is an amazing community of collaboration,”

“You’re coming into a family. That’s super attractive to women, who always want to be a part of something bigger.”

While an interest in tailoring would be an advantage, and any experience in management or self-employment would be a benefit, no experience is necessary as all training is provided. The only things you need to provide are your initial investment, your monthly franchise fees, and a lot of dedication and smart work with your clients!

  • We support you to start your blouse boutique business at home as a online franchise
  • Lowest Franchisee fee to start with & Earn min Rs.50,000/- @ home
  • A high fashion drive for your passion
  • Huge potential in this unorganized segment
  • A high returns & reputations for your passion
  • Home based franchise opportunity as a online blouse boutique owner
  • All products are designed and customized from our end to your customers
  • Promote your own shop and build your reputations with friends, family and customer circle.
  • NO office , stock investment, employee tension
  • Work @ your home or on move, sell globally
  • Get orders and payment on your own online shop
  • Ask us to deliver your orders to your customers
  • Get your income easily, Hassle free, Work free, Live free
  • Strong Marketing & Sales Support

Now become a online franchise and pursue your passions as a chic and trendy online blouse boutique owner, you can create a unique fashion as your business & become an successful entrepreneur as our Blouse Boutique franchisee

We Provide :-

  • Your own E-commerce Boutique shop with Designing & Development
  • E-commerce site Training
  • Product Tie-up with supplier / Designer
  • Basic Tailoring & Designing
  • Payment Tie-up with vendor
  • Logistic Tie-up with Supplier & Franchise
  • Social & Digital Media Promotion support & Training
  • Ways of Internet Marketing & Training
  • Monthly Catalog & Digital Marketing Posters for product promotions
  • Online & Offline Promotional Materials with successful promotional Ideas & consultation

Our Needs :-

While an interest in Tailoring & Designing would be advantageous along basic tailoring experience in the industry isnecessary, as all other training is provided as part of the franchise fee.It is much more important that you are dedicated, enthusiastic and self-motivated, ready to work smart and reap the rewards of your successful business.

  • Internet & Phone
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Basic knowledge of Internet
  • Basic tailoring
  • Franchisee Profile & Details
  • Advance Registration charge of Rs.1000/-

Our Products :-


Why Franchise With Us :-

Benefits of a Blouse Franchise:-

The blouse boutique franchise offers you an opportunity to join an established business with a proven field.Blouse Boutique has built a strong brand, and the business has built a reputation built on the quality of service it provides. Franchise ownership is probably the easiest way to become a financial success with the least amount of risk.
Our online Blouse Boutique franchise may be just what you need to get started to fulfill your passion.

  • Superior Design with Quality Customization
  • Expert designer to create a New & Latest Designs
  • Client satisfaction designs
  • Custom Design creation facility
  • Huge Trendy Collections & Custom Designs
  • Design Training and Sales Support
  • Feasible Logistic support Domestic & International
  • Well known & Proven designer
  • Market Leading price
  • Its an unorganized segment & No franchise available in online
  • Quickest Available Return on Investment
  • Qualified & dedicated workforce to support you & your customers
  • A Team of Proven customer satisfaction & System

Our Support & Fee :-

  • Maintain your E-Commerce shopping cart with domain -Rs.1500/- Month
  • Free Upload with 50 products & Rs.250/- product above 50 products
  • We provide Digital Marketing materials & Sales support
  • Rs 50,000/- As Franchiser Fee (Signup charge)

Our Designer Builds you on :-

  • How to measure for a perfect blouse measurements
  • Blouse Marking with Measurements on the Blouse material
  • Design marking on materials
  • Paper cutting for blouses
  • AARI Stand fitting for blouse work
  • Basic course for Design punching and tracing of Aari work
  • Sequence Work
  • Mirror work
  • Blouse Stitching
  • Training Materials provided with 20 Hrs of Training.
  •  Aari Frame
  • Zardosi, Beads, Stones, etc,.
  • Threads
  • Needles
  • Cloths

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