Online Franchise for House ware Products :-

In India, House ware Industry has now taken a great stride, as house ware products are widely used in Storage & Material Handling Products, Molded Furniture, Industrial Molded Products, Protective Packaging Products and so on. Today, the Indian House ware Industry is spread across the country because Plastic is indispensable in every aspect of contemporary life. Studies show that India is one of the most promising exporter among developing countries for Plastic Products.

House ware includes utility or supporting products used by individuals or  company to perform their daily household activities such as cooking, cleaning, lighting, and furnishing. They are also used to maintain the decor of a home & office.

Everyone expects best and affordable service these days and hence, we give these opportunity to become our online franchise who understand and adapt to our unique expectations.

We Provide :-

  • Your own E-commerce Site with Designing & Development
  • E-commerce site Training
  • Product Tie-up with supplier
  • Payment Tie-up with vendor
  • Logistic Tie-up with Supplier & Franchise
  • Social & Digital Media Promotion support & Training
  • Ways of Internet Marketing & Training
  • Monthly Catalog & Digital Marketing Posters for housewares products for promotions
  • Online & Offline Promotional Materials with successful promotional Ideas & consultation

Our Needs :-

  • Internet & Phone
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Basic knowledge of Internet
  • Franchisee Profile & Details
  • Advance Registration charge of Rs.1000/-

Our Products :-

  • School Series, Fancy,Interior,
  • Kitchen,Basket, Seal Ware,
  • Bathroom, Pail, Basin, Dustbin, Livina,
  • Garden,Furniture, Container, Rack,Vacuum Flask,
  • Drink Jar, Cooler, Leisure, Sport Bottle & Klip to Keep

Why Franchise With Us :-

Interested in houseware franchise?

Franchise ownership is probably the easiest way to become a financial success with the least amount of risk.

Our house ware franchises may be just what you need to get started.

  • Superior Quality Products
  • Low Start Up Cost & Client satisfaction
  • Large scale production facilities
  • Market leading price
  • Large Product line
  • Qualified & dedicated workforce
  • Flexible payment mode
  • Feasible Logistic support
  • Well known brands
  • Quickest Available Return on Investment
  • Training and Support
  • Proven System.

Our Support & Fee :-

  • Maintain your E-Commerce shopping cart with domain -Rs.1500/- Month
  • Free Upload with 50 products & Rs.25/- product above 50 products
  • We provide Digital Marketing materials & Sales support
  • Rs 15,000/- As Franchiser Fee (Signup charge)
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