Imitation Jewellery

Online Franchise for Imitation Jewellery:

Imitation jewellery industry has undergone a drastic transformation ever since its coming into vogue to the present era. Traditional heavy jewellery market has been taken over by the modern, sleek, light weight, daily wear jewellery. This transformation can be attributed to the growth of organized jewellery players in India.

Jewellery that used to be an investment some years back, is today, a daily wear commodity. Earlier, people used to buy jewellery only on special occasions like wedding, birthdays, engagements or during festival seasons. However, today, with the coming up of organized jewellery players, people buy jewellery at any time of the year. Moreover, the modern day working women prefer to wear jewellery that is light in weight and is comfortable to wear, and which can be worn in her normal office schedule. Instead of buying jewellery from traditional jewellers, people now prefer to buy jewellery from organised players. The organized jewellery stores not only provide authentic hallmark jewellery but also provide the splendid ambience, stylish and air conditioned interiors with beautiful displays of the latest designs that make one drool to buy them. Besides gold and diamond, the imitation jewellery market has  picked up during the past few years & now the online imitation Jewellery market takes up in rocket speed growth.

We Provide :-

  • Your own E-commerce Site with Designing & Development
  • E-commerce site Training
  • Product Tie-up with supplier
  • Payment Tie-up with vendor
  • Logistic Tie-up with Supplier & Franchise
  • Social & Digital Media Promotion support & Training
  • Ways of Internet Marketing & Training
  • Monthly Catalog & Digital Marketing Posters for product promotions
  • Online & Offline Promotional Materials with successful promotional Ideas & consultation

Our Needs :-

  • Internet & Phone
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Basic knowledge of Internet
  • Franchisee Profile & Details
  • Advance Registration charge of Rs.1000/-

Our Products :-

  • Ear Rings
  • Necklace
  • Bridal Jewellery set for rent
  • Chains
  • Pearl Jewels
  • Diamond Jewels

Why Franchise With Us :-

Interested in Online Imitation Jewellery franchise ?

Franchise ownership is probably the easiest way to become a financial success with the least amount of risk.

Our online Imitation Jewellery franchise may be just what you need to get started.

  • Superior Quality , New & Latest Designs
  • Low Start Up Cost & Client satisfaction designs
  • Custom Design production facilities
  • Lowest Market price
  • Huge Collections & Designs
  • Qualified & dedicated workforce to support your customers
  • Feasible Logistic support
  • Well known Weaver
  • Quickest Available Return on Investment
  • Sales Training and Support
  • Proven Supply System

Our Support & Fee :-

  • Maintain your E-Commerce shopping cart with domain -Rs.1500/- Month
  • Free Upload with 50 products & Rs.250/- product above 50 products
  • We provide Digital Marketing materials & Sales support
  • Rs 25,000/- As Franchiser Fee (Signup charge)
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