Online Franchise for Perfume:

In India, which has a growing middle-class of over one billion people, is now positioned as a major force in the global economy and fertile ground for investment in retail and business development. The franchising industry in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 30 percent, and to drive the country’s current $330 retail sector even higher.

The fragrance industry in the country is said to be one of the most promising sectors. It is said to be growing at the rate of 125 per cent with the market size of Rs 300 crore. One can definitely own a share of this large market by having a online perfume shop. If you are a person who likes to move beyond the figures, you can judge the market yourself just by counting the number of hand bags that hold a bottle of perfume or deodorant.

A Franchise Opportunity has numerous benefits over starting a perfume business:

  • You get a ready business to run with recognized brand rather than starting a new business of your own.
  • When you buy a business from us you receive a detailed training programme. This covers all aspects of running a business. The training programme is critical in ensuring that your online business runs smoothly.
  • Most lenders including banks are willing to offer a higher percentage of funds required to start a business to potential franchisees than if they were starting a business on their own. This is because they recognise the potential of buying a franchise.
  • By buying into a franchise business almost nothing is left to chance. Your stock levels are predetermined by us and have been based on years if not decades of experience.
  • When it comes to advertising you do not need to worry about the logistics of creating an advertising campaign and benefit from our expert knowledge.
  • If you have limited financial resources and you want to achieve maximum returns on your investment then your business module will make that happen.

What do you get by joining hands with us?

  • High return on Investment
  • Entry in a unique FMCG industry
  • Continuous support in terms of business development in terms of new perfume products and brand building.
  • Opportunity to grow rapidly with us in one of the fastest growing industry in India.

We Provide :-

  • Your own E-commerce Site with Designing & Development
  • E-commerce site Training
  • Product Tie-up with supplier
  • Payment Tie-up with vendor
  • Logistic Tie-up with Supplier & Franchise
  • Social & Digital Media Promotion support & Training
  • Ways of Internet Marketing & Training
  • Monthly Catalog & Digital Marketing Posters for products & promotions
  • Online & Offline Promotional Materials with successful promotional Ideas & consultation

Our Needs :-

  • Internet & Phone
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Basic knowledge of Internet
  • Franchisee Profile & Details
  • Advance Registration charge of Rs.1000/-
Our Products :-

  • Deodorant Men
  • Deodorant Women
  • Body Splash
  • Perfume Men
  • Perfume Women
  • Room Fresheners
  • Kids Perfume

Why Franchise With Us :-

Interested in Online Perfume franchise ?

Franchise ownership is probably the easiest way to become a financial success with the least amount of risk.
Our house ware franchises may be just what you need to get started.

  • Superior Quality Products
  • Low Start Up Cost & Client satisfaction
  • Large scale production facilities
  • Market leading price
  • Large Product line
  • Qualified & dedicated workforce
  • Flexible payment mode
  • Feasible Logistic support
  • Well known brands
  • Quickest Available Return on Investment
  • Training and Support
  • Proven System.

Our Support & Fee :-

  • Maintain your E-Commerce shopping cart with domain -Rs.1500/- Month
  • Free Upload with 50 products & Rs.25/- product above 50 products
  • We provide Digital Marketing materials & Sales support
  • Rs 15,000/- As Franchiser Fee (Signup charge)
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