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Online Franchise Women Boutique :-

In the growing and changing world of women’s fashion, it is important for you to narrow down the focus of your ladies clothing boutique to something you’ll be passionate about selling each day and something that inspires you to stay on top of industry trends.

The primary data was collected by a structured questionnaire with a sample size of 50, which resulted in the finding that only 60% of women shop online. 70% of them started purchasing online from last one year. Regular online women shoppers in India are lesser, mostly like to shop online occasionally. Primarily, Indian women customers like to shop for online clothing & cosmetics and after that household items. The products they are least they like to purchase is footwear. 60% respondents are still more satisfied with traditional shopping, so more efforts should be made in to bring satisfaction to online buyers. Online shopping will have a great future in India, 90% respondents would like to shop online in future. 43% of working women in India spent about 5 million dollars on e-shopping up to last year. Probably in the next 3 years the figures will be approximately 5 times i.e. it will cross 3 billion dollars. According to the data of the Indian E-Commerce industry, up to the last financial year, online shopping in India was worth approximately 2 billion dollars. From the total online shopping in India (2 billion dollars), the Indian women purchased worth 0.51 billion dollars i.e. 26%.

If you have a passion for fashion and love clothes, starting an online clothing boutique may be the perfect business for you. Unlike traditional boutiques, the costs for starting up an online boutique are much lower. There is no need to find a location, rent or buy a building and you won’t need to hire many, if any, employees. By working with drop-shippers, you can even eliminate the need to stock an inventory. With just a few steps, fashion know-how and some networking, you can open an online clothing boutique franchise

“Women are amazing executers and we’re also amazing collaborators. If done correctly, franchising is an amazing community of collaboration,”

“You’re coming into a family. That’s super attractive to women, who always want to be a part of something bigger.”

We Provide :-

  • Your own E-commerce Site with Designing & Development
  • E-commerce site Training
  • Product Tie-up with supplier
  • Payment Tie-up with vendor
  • Logistic Tie-up with Supplier & Franchise
  • Social & Digital Media Promotion support & Training
  • Ways of Internet Marketing & Training
  • Monthly Catalog & Digital Marketing Posters for products & promotions
  • Online & Offline Promotional Materials with successful promotional Ideas & consultation

Our Needs :-

  • Internet & Phone
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Basic knowledge of Internet
  • Franchisee Profile & Details
  • Advance Registration charge of Rs.1000/-

Our Products :-

  • Lehanga choli
  • Saree
  • Salwarkameez
  • Shirts, T shirts & Casual shirts

Why Franchise With Us :-

Interested in Online women wear franchise ?

Franchise ownership is probably the easiest way to become a financial success with the least amount of risk.Our Online women boutique franchise may be just what you need to get started.

  • Superior Quality Products
  • Low Start Up Cost & Client satisfaction
  • Large scale production facilities
  • Market leading price & Multi brand
  • Large Product line
  • Qualified & dedicated workforce
  • Flexible payment mode
  • Feasible Logistic support
  • Well known brands
  • Quickest Available Return on Investment
  • Sales Training and Support
  • Proven System.

Our Support & Fee :-

  • Maintain your E-Commerce shopping cart with domain -Rs.1500/- Month
  • Free Upload with 50 products & Rs.25/- product above 50 products
  • We provide Digital Marketing materials & Sales support
  • Rs 15,000/- As Franchiser Fee (Signup charge)


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