Advertising Photography

Advertising Photography

Taking advertising photographs that are used to help describe and sell a product or idea

Taking editorial photographs that are used to illustrate and enhance a story or report, used widely in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books and websites

Advertising Photographers produce images that support a marketing idea in answer to a photographic brief given to them by a client, a designer or an advertising agency.

This can involve any subject matter, but is often categorised into specialist areas: still life, portraiture and landscape. Some work is carried out on location, but much is done in studios, using studio flash lighting and a variety of props and accessories.

Some Advertising Photographers specialise in producing well-lit product shots for use on packaging and in catalogues. These are called ‘Pack’ or ‘Pack Shot’ photographers.

Other Advertising Photographers choose to be self-employed and often operate their own studios. They are commissioned to produce high-quality photographs that sell the benefits of a product or reinforce brand awareness. They secure new work on the strength of past campaigns. Their original take on the subject matter is based on a thorough knowledge of the visual arts and the history of advertising photography.

They often specialise in a specific area, such as food, furniture, engineering, cars or financial services. They continually market themselves, through agents (who take a percentage commission), personal contacts and other forms of networking.


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