Brochure Designing

A Brochure Is designed in order to deliver and help Business firm to convey the message of product and services of the company or organization. It is a small advertising that covers all aspect of your business.

Our professional Brochure designer tries to assess your imagination, objectives and research to create your business brochure or catalogue for your business or organization.

Some of the silent features of our brochure designing

  • Providing unmatchable quality of brochure designing.
  • Brochure designing at a very competitive and affordable rate.
  • A wide range of brochure or catalogue designing services.
  • Our brochure designing is consisting of creativity and originality.
  • Most Priority to our customer satisfaction.
  • Our brochure designers are well aware of the latest technological development in the field of brochure design.

Types of Brochures

Bifold brochure design

This is a usually a printed sheet in both sides and folded into halves. This is very much popular among us. It is a kind of book type, which comes with different sets like 8 page, 16 page 32 page etc. Most of time we use the front page and back page for design purpose. In inner pages, contents will be arranged.

Tri-fold Brochure Design

This very much popular in corporate sections, as this easy to carry around. Due to their standard sized printing on light paper that are folded into three, so, we can comfortably say that they are also very economical.

Geta-fold Brochure Design

This type of brochures are rare. This is the main reason why they ‘wow’ the audience once they are designed. The standard gate fold brochure is folded in four which brings out 8 panels in total: 1 front panel, 1 back panel and 6 internal panels.( NOTE: this configuration can be altered ). The advantage of this brochure is that it accommodates very wide graphs.


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