Newspaper Ads

To successfully sell your good or service, you must inform the public of your product and show them why they should spend their money buying what you have to offer. One way to garner attention is to purchase and design a newspaper advertisement. By creating an effective, attention-getting ad, you can let people know about your product and make it clear why your good or service is something that they should purchase.

Common Newspaper Ad Sizes

Newspapers lay out their pages in a column format. A standard page typically has six columns, which in a broadsheet newspaper will measure 2 1/16 inches in width. Some sections might use a different number of columns. For example, the Houston Chronicle prints its classified pages in 10 columns, while the employment section uses only four. The standard unit of advertising space is the “column inch,” which simply means a space equivalent to one standard column in width, and 1 inch deep. This provides the basis for calculating the size of any ad.


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