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Drop Shipment E-Commerce Business Model


  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • What is the project about?
  • What we achieve on it?
  • What do we earn on it?
  • What to do next?


Who are we?

We MSTCS is a team of professionals from Telecom, Marketing, and IT background. In our team, we have 18 years experienced person with Telecom and Offline Marketing expert and business consultant. We have 5 years experienced Digital Marketing expert and 3 years experienced developers. Our team has developed N number of websites, E-commerce sites, SaaS site, etc.

What do we do?

We do Web Development & Design, Ecommerce site development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Brand Promotion, Graphics design, etc. Our offline Marketing expert will come up with all the possibilities to get more exposure to your product/business/service in the local market with minimum budget. Our online marketing expert will come up with strategies to reach more targeted audience online to get more exposure and sales. Our IT team can develop any type of web projects from E-commerce to SaaS.

What is the project about?

This project is not just like the normal E-commerce project where we need to invest Rs.10lakhs to Rs.20lakhs just for the warehouse and inventory and then we need to do high-level marketing and logistics management.

Here we come up with Drop Shipment E-Commerce Business Model. So we will tie-up with all global wholesalers and they will take care of inventory and shipment, also with your investment and our intelligence team support, we will create a category specific website for us and fill the website with 100’s of products with images, descriptions, price, etc.

All we have to focus on our website and high-level marketing promotions. On this we will do several marketing tactics promotions including FB paid advertisement, Twitter Marketing, SEO with viral marketing strategies.

On this marketing activity, once we get the order, we will forward the order details to the wholesalers and they will do the product shipment to the end user.

This is the project all about and we are inviting you as our business partner with a one-time investment of Rs.2,00,000 as early bird offer and we charge only Rs.40,000/month as a marketing operational cost from the gross profit of the website, also finally we have a great opportunity to take 70/30% share on the net profit.

What we achieve on it?

We achieve below reputations to scale up a successful E-commerce entrepreneurship.

  • Reputed E-commerce store in a global market
  • Increase and create the demand for the value of E-store
  • Make high volume transactions and percentage of earnings consistently
  • Brand building
  • Passive recurring income
  • Long term business goal
  • No more inventory investment and deadlock
  • Stress-free and relaxed business operation
  • No more manpower tensions
  • No vendor tension and operational cost
  • Earn monthly 6 digit income with a passionate drive

What do we earn on it?

Quote: Opportunity never waits for another chance, only we need to clinch it when it arrives.

Yes the great earning opportunity as below:

  • No additional operating expense, even the site performs lesser than operational cost
  • Get 70% of profit sharing apart from operational expenses

Ex 1: 1st-month sales profit is Rs.50,000, we deduct Rs.40,000 on operational cost and balance Rs.10,000 will be shared on 70/30 proposition

Ex 2: 1st-month sales profit is Rs.10,000, we deduct Rs.10,000 on operational cost and the balance operational cost will be bared by us

Ex 3: 1st month sales profit is Rs.2,00,000, we deduct Rs.40,000 on operational cost and balance Rs.1,60,000 will be shared on 70/30 proposition.


Sample site:


What to do next?

If you are greatly inspired by our business opportunity, you need to get immediate into action as it is early bird offer or you have to pay more than the current business partner cost.

Let’s quickly get into the action to catch the early bird offer. Please click the button below and register with correct details. Our team representation will contact you.


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