Reliance Pro 3 Wifi – 14.7Mbps


Reliance Pro 3 Wifi – 14.7Mbps

₹ 999.00

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Reliance Pro 3 offers Rs 999 40GB and Rs 699 4GB under Turbo Unlimited postpaid plans and offers Rs 799 8GB (8-9 GB at 50p/MB & post 9 GB speed will be capped at 144Kbps) and Rs 499 4GB (4-5GB at 50p/MB & post 5GB speed will be capped at 144Kbps) under MAX+ limited plans. All India roaming is available on all plans over Rcom’s existing powerful CDMA network.


At 14.7Mbps, Reliance EVDO service is now at par with 3G services which currently offer maximum speed of 21.1Mbps. Also EVDO can offer more than twice the coverage compared to 3G as it uses 800Mhz spectrum. 

Benefits for EVDO Rev. B Users:

> High Data Rates – Downlink speed up to 14.7Mbps and Upload speed upto 5.4Mbps
> Very Low Average Latency – Increases connectivity between browser and web page server
> Data Traffic Regulation – Base Station Towers can handle more users along with exciting REV. A in particular Cell
> Advanced QoS – More packets can be transferred with in particular limit resulting increasing download speed by 2x

Benefits for Existing EVDO Rev. A Users:

> Improvement in Speed – Download and Upload Speeds on Rev A will increase by 20% to the present existing Speeds
> Better Latency – Increases Connectivity Between Browser and Web Page Server
> Enhanced Coverage – Users far away from BTS will have better connectivity

The device Rcom is selling for Reliance Pro 3 is actually ZTE AC2791 – same device is also offered by MTS Ultra. The dongle supports RevB only with backwardly compatible with RevA & 1x. It does not support any GSM network. However it includes a microSD card slot. Certainly the dongle is not the device of the moment as MTS has Wingle as well as WiFi enabled Power Bank and Tata launched WiFi enabled Max dongles.


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