Refund Policy


  1. User shall be entitled to refund on full / partial cancelling an order booking of any Product/s, booked on the Website, by placing a “Cancel Order” request, by logging a call with Company’s Customer Care Centre, by phone on 044-65456545prior to “Order Delivered” status on the website.
  2. User shall be entitled to partial refund of Connection/Plan Voucher/ Special Recharge Voucher amount, in case the activation fails due to negative verification of ID or address connection as per the documents provided by the User. In case the User purchased a bundled offer, the device cost will not be refunded in this case.
  3. Refund Rules for orders falling under Sales Return Policy :
    1. cheques will be issued to User through MSTCS for the amount paid by the User at the time of Purchase.
    2. Refund Price Details: Price figures are subject to change based on change in market.
    3. If the User has an advance rental plan, post buyback, refund of advance rental to be refunded to User on pro-rata basis.
  4. Any cancellation/exchange in accordance with above terms qualifies for payment reversal.
  5. Any eligible refund will be serviced by the Company within 15 (Fifteen) working days of receipt of Request for Cancellation of Order in case of cancellation before delivery of the Products. In case of return of Product at the Company’s store in accordance to the Sales Return Policy, refund to the User with a cheque will happen within 15 (Fifteen) working days after the Company’s store receives the Product from the User.
  6. All refunds will be made out through crediting the account from which the payments were made.