Secured and seamless always available with global connectivity.

International Private Leased Circuit – IPLC

Dedicated end-to-end International Private Line – IPL, delivered over our optical infrastructure. Businesses can securely transfer voice, video and data, knowing their access is backed by our reliable service, route diversity and industry-leading service level guarantees.


  • Get dedicated, end-to-end connectivity for your most time and content-sensitive traffic
  • Improve global efficiency through a secure and reliable network with unparalleled reach
  • Customized capacity solutions focused on providing comprehensive global access

In addition to our International Private Line (IPL) end-to-end connectivity service, we also offer Wavelength Services, International Private Line Full and Half Circuits and International Private Line One-Stop Shop (OSS).

Service Management

  • 99.9% service availability (on-net)
  • Global 24×7 support
  • Single point of contact (SPOC) for failure detection, implementation, support, and resolution
  • Quick fault resolution in your local language and time zones
Services offerred

  • 64 Kbps to 45 Mbps
  • STM-1 up to STM-64
  • 10 Gbps