With the evolution of multi-protocol label switching, virtual private networks are poised to herald a radical shift in the world of network computing.

MPLS – VPN Services

A key trend in the connectivity space over the last year was the evolution of Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based VPN. MPLS VPN became a preferred choice over frame relay. Another trend over the last year was that most enterprises focused on creating highly agile and redundant networks, where MPLS VPN emerged as a trusted WAN connectivity option.

New Managed Enterprise Network services over MPLS platform, promising to bring down cost, increase reliability and scalability, which were often missing in legacy networks. Addition to this lower latency, minimum packet loss, easier provisioning, high security and bandwidth prioritization made MPLS VPN popular among enterprise domain.

Business Benefits for Enterprise Customers

  • Economical, scalable, reliable and secure solution for enterprise WAN infrastructure.
  • Convergence of services: Data, voice and video over single interface and one platform.
  • Quality Of Service for value added services by prioritizing the traffic as per enterprise requirement over MPLS VPN.
  • Seamless solution for enterprise application which are delay sensitive and bandwidth demanding.
  • Multiple paths to reach destination during network outage by reducing overall downtime.
  • Intranet and Extranet MPLS VPNs offers secure communication between channel-partners and franchise if needed.
  • Simplify the administration and on-going management of your network.