Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Telelookz offers dedicated Internet Marketing services. We undertake the task of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in a planned manner after getting a complete analysis on your core business objectives and your internet marketing goals. A tailored internet marketing strategy is then defined to derive maximum ROI.

Chief components of our Internet Marketing solutions are:

Internet Marketing Campaign Analysis

Extensive research work is a prerequisite of a successful search engine marketing campaign. We perform a complete analysis on various areas of your online business to generate a research report which is discussed for defining the final Internet marketing strategy.

Pushing Relevant Search Engine Traffic to the Website

Research output would assist us in composing a marketing strategy to be adopted for a successful internet marketing campaign. Various Internet Marketing vehicles include Organic Search Engine Ranking, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Management), Search Engine and Directory Submissions, Link Popularity Building Campaign, Paid Solicited Email Marketing, Pod Casting, Article submissions, Ezines, Newsletters that will carry advertising to a subscribed audience, Affiliate Program Setups and Advertising in terms of Banners Ads, Text Adverts etc.

Tracking Return on Investment

To get increased conversion rate a report of in-depth analysis on source / conversion ratio is made. This report lets us to identify the black holes and rectify them. This is how this process goes: Search Engine Marketing Campaign Analysis is undertaken followed by Visitor Source identification and Behavior Analysis. A list of Top Entry points, Top Exit points and most viewed pages is made. Further time spent on the website is calculated and Visitor Drill down behavior Study along with Visitor Navigation path Study is conducted. Lastly Study on Unique visitor v/s Return Visits and Geographic Viewership analysis is made.

Marketing Campaign Improvisation

For better Web Usability one needs to increase conversion ratio and improvise the website. We offer unceasing services to drive the traffic to the website. We apply Web Usability Research Analysis, Website design and ambience analysis, Navigation Strucutre Analysis, WebSite Content Writing Improvisation, Lead Qualifying strategies, and Lead Closing strategies thereby undertaking conversion tracking by referral source to optimize the campaign.

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