How It Works

How It Works

SmartIVR resides in and operates from the world’s most reliable cloud computing platform, with inbuilt mechanisms for fail-over, redundancy and backup. You might take a vacation, but SmartIVR never will. With its auto-scaling feature, planning becomes effortless during peak load hours.

It packs in powerful and state-of-the-art call management features and configurations that ensure that calls go to the right person. What’s more, Knowlarity’s experts help you create a custom solution for especially complex scenarios.

SmartIVR provides the technology to execute complex IVR actions through a virtual number. The IVR created is executed during calls. Customers can instruct the IVR to perform a host of actions including digit capture, voice capture, sound play, call transfer and many more.

Solution Overview

An IVR call flow can be created for incoming as well as outgoing calls. For incoming calls, Knowlarity provides phone numbers which can be allocated to the IVR flows. Multiple numbers can be allocated to a customer’s incoming IVR. It could be a mobile number, a vanity number or a national or international toll-free number, depending on the customer’s requirement. Outgoing calls can be scheduled through APIs provided by Knowlarity or through screen inputs through Web app login provided to the customer.

The Technology

SmartIVRs are created using an IVR visual studio. This ensures that a call flow is easily designed and legible to the customer. IVR visual studio gives the power of WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get). The IVRs are compiled in Python programming language.

Knowlarity’s IVR allows dynamic enterprise database integration and in-memory execution, which allows superior call control and flexibility to the IVR developer with access to full programming language/environment during a call. That is not available in VXML or Twiml. SmartIVR is compatible with VXML and Twiml, and at the same time superior to them.