Smart IVR Features

SmartIVR Features

In a nutshell, here’s what SmartIVR can do: automate call centers, integrate telephony to your CRM, support desk and other enterprise apps, track leads generated from marketing campaigns, collect feedback and data through automated outbound calls, send reminders to customers and enable voice interactivity on websites.

If you have a minute, here is the list.

1) Call Recordings

It records every call and makes it accessible. Each call is encrypted and stored for data security. SmartIVR helps measure and improve current business processes and keep track of customer interactions.

2) Conference

It provides a stable conference system that helps teams sitting in different locations be in touch with each other with ease. It is backed by a robust cloud telephony platform, which provides compatibility to run multiple conferences on the same incoming number.

3) Number of Your Choice

It provides incoming numbers for 65+ countries, which gives you the opportunity to reach your customers across the globe. Different numbers can be assigned seamlessly using APIs.

4) Call Logs

It provides live status of each call received by your agents. Features such as start time, call duration, call recordings and other parameters help in building rich analytics to study customer behavior. Call log is easy to extract using APIs and can be integrated with the existing applications for informed decision-making.

5) Call Queues

Manage and route large volumes of inbound phone calls with ease by dynamically routing calls to the right queue, creating customised wait experiences and getting access to real time call statistics to help plan the agent allocation.

6) API Integration

SmartIVR is bundled with a set of powerful APIs that are user-friendly. It could be forwarding all call records into CRM, fetching incoming numbers during a live call or changing call distribution settings.

7) Call Distribution

It offers the flexibility of transferring incoming calls in sequential, parallel and round-robin manner. Set-up call distribution logic based on caller ID, timings and geography. Ensure customer calls are handled in the most efficient manner, and reduce waiting time.

8) Automated Speech Recognition

ASR provides the flexibility to capture caller inputs from speech in addition to key-press. ASR can help reduce IVR waiting time by letting customers reach their desired option. ASR also helps in cases where user voice confirmation is necessary for authenticating a transaction.

9) Text-to-Speech

Automate customer support using SmartIVR’s powerful text-to-speech (TTS) feature. This feature acknowledges callers by their names and reads out their messages over the phone without any human support. This gives a warm and personalised touch to a business call.

10) Customised Multilevel IVR

SmartIVR offers the flexibility to automate business processes on the phone. Set up custom menus and a variety of call routing options for agents to handle customer queries. Customers can access various services over the IVR without even speaking with the agents. This helps in improving the agent’s productivity. Multi-level IVRs can be developed to direct customers to various departments.